The export process refers to the tax procedure for the output of products, goods or country services, and it can be direct or indirect. For any clearence custos export process, the declared data and documents presented must be accurately stated and also comply with the release rules and specific exit abroad.

In direct export cases, the exporter performs the entire process and doesn't need a mediator. As for indirect process, includes operations carried by companies that do not have experience or the registration needed to complete the shipment of the goods to the foreign market.

Export operation can also involve payments and donation with currency hedging. Any product or goods with abroad destination, even in temporary admissions cases, is subject to the clearance customs, with few exceptions, that IRS directs itself through Siscomex.


The Brazil's goods output occurs under an international sale contract. Capital Gold seeks to preserves the punctuality of arrivals and departure, knowing that today's trade system is global and competitive. Fair prices, quality services and the best use of the transported capacity are some of the companies characteristics, always added to a great professional knowledge and agility in decisions.

Remember that is important to perpetuate the exported product, keeping an active and open cycle. Only in this way the recognition product will be done and therefore the brand abroad. Every export operation must be registered in the Integrate Foreign Trade System (Siscomex).

Capital Gold aims to preserve the export process making it more efficient for its partners with the cost analysis, regulation set requirements, as well as boarding certificates and authorization.
Due the need to comply with all legal requirements from Brazil and the destination country, the export documentation requires all attention for a successful operation.

Time is predominant. Beyond legal requirements, the documents delivery must be made to those responsible for the shipment, according to the schedule. If this process does not occur, the export can not be done.

Capital Gold is committed to guide and provide all necessary documentation trying to be ready to ship the goods in advance, in order to fulfill the dead line and draft delivery. Furthermore, Capital Gold is responsible for developing the Export Registration (RE) and the Export Order Declaration or Simplified Export Declaration.
Every successful export operation requires, beyond the product dispatch, attention to compliance with the bureaucratic and market trade needs. Capital Gold understands this process and is always in agreement with its partners and aware with operation singularity.

Without exceptions, every product that is exported needs to be particularly analyzed for specific requirements or special authorization by the competent agencies since all operations must be registered in the Export Registration (RE), with the Siscomex, which includes tax, trade and financial exchange information. There is the possibility of automatic approval in cases of correctly data register, according to the operation framework.
The entire logistics process of the export managed by Capital Gold relies on experience and knowledge of the international Market, which refers to the presentation and quality of final product delivery and deadline respect.

It's noteworthy that the export goal is to feed the imported needs, this makes the export process even more vital in continuing the cycle. Capital Gold monitors the delivery as well as the inspections present in the process.
Clearance of goods for external destination, in final export or not, the procedure is called export customs clearance, and the Export Registration (RE) is always needed.

After products are actually ready for shipment the exported must submit all documents requirement, as the Export Order Declaration or Simplified Export Declaration, to Siscomex.

Therewith, the IRS will release tax procedure and clearance of goods by submitting the necessary documents for duly made order.
After registration of DDE/ SD or SDR, customs clearance process starts through tax analysis and conference channel selection, according to IRS parameters, which is called parameterization.

Capital Gold monitors and predicts the export procedure and its parameterization: since the Red Channel, where the documentary check and the physical verification of goods is performed. The Orange Channel where the commodity physical verification is possible and the Green Channel, in which Siscomex dispenses automatically the physical and documental examination of goods.

In addition, after the carrying out export, within five years you should keep a complete file of the operation documentation. Failure to comply with this obligation can generate several penalties either exports, agent and actors.
In each case of the temporary export a review of legislation must occur for every particular situation, such as sending of emergency operation product of any reform, among other situations. Temporary exportation is subject to its return to Brazil in determined time, without tax. There are cases where goods can remain in other countries permanently. But when this occurs, initial export process should be changed.

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